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Celtic Knot VHF-UHF Competition

2020 Final Results

Thanks to everyone for taking part, in such a difficult year.  Let’s look forward to working again in better contesting conditions as 2021 goes by.

Celtic Knot Stations 2020
Congratulations to:

  • Overall Winner: Jon Joyce GM4JTJ – receives the GMDX Celtic Knot Quaich 
  • Overall Runner-up and Leading GD: Richard Baker GD8EXI
  • Leading GW: Stephen Purser GW4SHF
  • Leading Cornwall station: Darrell Jacobs 2E0VCC/P
  • Leading GI: Gordon Curry GI6ATZ
  • Leading Brittany station: Grahame Read F4VQX.

Celtic Knot Supporters 2020
Congratulations to:

  • Overall Winner: Pete Lindsay G4CLA  – receives the GMDX Celtic Knot Supporters Quaich
  • Overall Runner-up: Keith Tatnall G4ODA
  • Leading Station Outside England: Conrad Farlow PA5Y

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